Disputes and Litigation


Enforcing intellectual property is very largely a matter for its owner (or in suitable circumstances their licensee).

Practically, the threat of legal action often provides enough leverage to achieve your commercial goals. Using this lever firmly but wisely in pre-action correspondence is part of our job and the attorneys at Bartle Read have seen many such negotiations through to a successful conclusion over the years.

Of course we also deal with the reverse side of the coin – assisting clients who have received infringement allegations. In that context the starting point is very often a calm and careful examination of the intellectual property rights that are being asserted, keeping in mind that patents and related rights can prove to be invalid when tested in court, and that rights holders sometimes take an excessively robust view of what their rights actually protect. These questions of infringement and validity are at the core of our professional experience. One’s perspective on a dispute can be radically changed by a clear view of the legal issues.

If litigation does become necessary, as complainant or defendant, we have the expertise for that as well. 

Founder/director David Read is a Patent Attorney Litigator with the right to conduct litigation in our field of law in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (formerly 

Patents County Court), the UK High Court and Court of Appeal.

Working with us

We know the law but it’s you that best understands your technology and your market. Strong patents that serve your commercial goals are typically the result of a close and lasting collaboration between patent attorney and client. Client relationships are all important to Bartle Read and in order to foster them we are:


 …in the way that we work with you. Lines of reporting should be set up for your convenience, not ours.


We will often need you to take decisions or to give technical input, but in matters of patent law it is always us that should be proposing solutions to problems.

Plain Spoken

Patents and patent law are ridden with jargon but it’s our job to make sense of it for you, not to bamboozle you with it.
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