Portfolio Management


Organisations with appreciable numbers of patents need a range of services, all of which we can provide.

At a practical day-to-day level, it is vital to have a robust mechanism for ensuring timely payment of the renewal fees needed to keep patents (and in some countries pending patent applications) in force. We normally entrust this to a specialist renewals service who should seek instructions from you and make the payments.

At a more strategic level, it is a good practice to audit your IP portfolio periodically to make sure that it reflects your business objectives. Priorities and technologies change over time. Reconciling your IP against your commercial activities will often highlight areas where economies can be made, unused but valuable IP that might earn licensing revenue, or areas of weakness in your protection that might be strengthened. These exercises start with a clear account of what you hold and what it protects.

Auditing of intellectual property and assessment of its strength and value can be of even greater importance where portfolios or IP holding organisations are being sold or acquired, and involving a patent attorney at an early stage is, in our experience, often an important precaution against unwelcome last minute surprises.

Working with us

We know the law but it’s you that best understands your technology and your market. Strong patents that serve your commercial goals are typically the result of a close and lasting collaboration between patent attorney and client. Client relationships are all important to Bartle Read and in order to foster them we are:


 …in the way that we work with you. Lines of reporting should be set up for your convenience, not ours.


We will often need you to take decisions or to give technical input, but in matters of patent law it is always us that should be proposing solutions to problems.

Plain Spoken

Patents and patent law are ridden with jargon but it’s our job to make sense of it for you, not to bamboozle you with it.
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