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We recognise the degree of trust and responsibility involved when you introduce your clients to us. 

We won’t let you down. 

At Bartle Read, all such matters will be dealt with by a fully qualified patent attorney of many years’ standing so you can rely on us to give your clients clear, authoritative, commercially driven advice.

Because our focus is firmly on intellectual property relating to technology, and in particular because we do not offer an in-house trade mark service, our offering is wholly complementary to, not competitive with, that of almost all UK solicitor firms. 

We are flexible about working relationships. Sometimes it makes sense for us to drive a particular process (a patent filing programme, for example) but our attorneys are used to working to solicitors’ instructions (as for example where an IP issue forms part of a larger commercial transaction or dispute) and to respecting appropriate lines of communication.

We are always prepared, subject to availability, to meet your clients for an initial consultation without commitment as to cost.

Working with us

We know the law but it’s you that best understands your technology and your market. Strong patents that serve your commercial goals are typically the result of a close and lasting collaboration between patent attorney and client. Client relationships are all important to Bartle Read and in order to foster them we are:


 …in the way that we work with you. Lines of reporting should be set up for your convenience, not ours.


We will often need you to take decisions or to give technical input, but in matters of patent law it is always us that should be proposing solutions to problems.

Plain Spoken

Patents and patent law are ridden with jargon but it’s our job to make sense of it for you, not to bamboozle you with it.
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